Monday, March 28, 2016

Rebecca Bradley Changed? "...big money liberal elites...vicious, they lie...dirtier than ever." Not so much.

The ad below is..."Paid for by Citizens for Justice Rebecca Bradley, Patrick Knight, Treasurer."

Hey, She hasn't changed!!! The partisan, decidedly negative ad Rebecca Bradley approved and paid for proves she hasn't changed since 1992. What she said 24 years ago about queer loving, flag burning, radical, socialist, pot smoking liberals who voted for Bill Clinton when she was at Marquette University... 
"...We've just had an election which proves the majority of voters are either totally stupid or entirely evil..."    
...applies today. The "vicious" lies against Bradley mentioned in the ad below by crazy Sheriff Clarke were direct quotes from her own writings.
Bradley: "The PC movement is entirely the agenda of feminists, gays, liberal extremists and 1960's radicals who never left school and consequently are largely ignorant of the real world."
Proof - She's still the same Rebecca Bradley!!! "Paid for by Citizens for Justice Rebecca Bradley," repeats the theme she made against Clinton voters: 

"I’m Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. I know a little something about what it’s like when the Big money liberal elites come gunning for you. They’ve got the media in their back pocket. They’re vicious, they lie, and this time, they’re out to get Justice Rebecca Bradley. I’d call it mudslinging but it’s dirtier than that."

I’m Justice Rebecca Bradley. It’s no surprise my opponent and her partisan allies are running a false, viciously personal smear campaign against me.
Her peers aren't impressed either:
Milwaukeee Bar Association Releases 2016 Judicial Poll Results regarding the qualifications of judicial candidates that appear on the ballot in Milwaukee County. 
Yikes, 138 say she's not qualified, compared to JoAnne Kloppenburg's 48. Not even close.

Or we could do what the press in Wisconsin has been doing for years, acting like it's so hard to know...

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  1. Rubber Stamp Bradley has proven she can change her attitudes. She earlier had lamented that voters had elected an adulterer. After having an extra marital affair with her boss she now wants voters to elect an one.
    It may not actually be a change of heart. She thought then that the voters were stupid and ill informed. She maybe hoping that they still are just as stupid and ill informed and will vote for her.