Thursday, March 31, 2016

Republicans in the tank for Cruz and Bradley, Democrats should take on Conservative Talk Radio.

The Democratic Party has for some time looked like a football teams defense that's been out on the field too long. That never ends well. But it's their own damn fault, because unlike a football team, they came out to play without an offense. Big problem.

That leaves our Borg-like Republicans lots and lots of time to do whatever they want.

Cruz? Yes, that's what their Leaders Want: At first, I thought it was odd how every Republican I talked to backed the flaccid candidacy of Marco Rubio, the absent Senator. But odder still, ever since he's dropped out, Wisconsin Republicans are now suddenly behind Ted Cruz. Just like that. Isn't it funny how conservatives who rattle on and on about freedom and liberty, can't wait to take their orders from their leaders - vote Cruz.

Mean Girl Rebecca Bradley's bigoted, divisive, politics...they like it!!!  The new Marquette University Poll showing Bradley pulling ahead in the race for supreme court justice was due mainly for her hatred of gays and Democrats. As it turns out, Bradley hit all the right notes saying what conservative voters have been thinking and talking about for years. Her short tempered nasty demeanor and victimhood made her the undisputed choice for the states highest court. Right wing "originalism" is now the generally accepted interpretation of the Constitution, having received no criticism by our intimidated "fair and balanced" media and Democratic Party.

These are just two examples that speak volumes about the R.I.P. Democrats. But like Supernatural's Sam and Dean, there's always a way to come back from the dead. Here's just one idea...

Democrats should Demand Radio Time, put the pressure on Conservative Talkers: Talk show hosts Sly and The Devil's Advocates are the only liberal alternatives in Wisconsin, and both programs feature Republican guests. That doesn't happen in conservative talk.

When I did my own talk show, WIBA management insisted I have a conservative co-host to counter what they thought were my anti-American liberal ideas. I ended up loving the idea because it gave me an insight into how conservatives think and how they argue. Just ask State Sen. Frank Lasee, who sat in the studio a number of times, and endured a few heated but respectful debates. Former Rep. Steve Nass, now a senator, once got so angry after an interview he blasted me a few minutes later on the floor of the Assembly.

Most surprising to me was their desire to come back for another debate. Funny still, they thought they had won their often disjointed silly debate with me. Heck, maybe they did with their voters. My objective was to expose what I thought were flawed ideas and logic, by using their own words against them.

My point; Democrats should go on the offensive, demanding radio time on conservative talk stations. They should publically challenge them to a debate, publically ask them why they're not being invited on their shows. And never let up. Why wouldn't they want to try and win the argument? What's the problem with letting callers ask their own questions, gain some insight into how Democrats think, where they're coming from, encourage critical thinking?

OFFENSE: A Democratic offense would force Republicans to spend time fighting back, cutting into the time they have to hatch their next dystopian one size fits all edict. Democrats may stand for something, it's just that voters don't know exactly what that is.


  1. I love this idea of pressuring stations and demanding access to the PUBLIC airwaves.

    I'd go one step further. Now that Wisconsin GOP-perganda radio has turned on Trump and let the mask slip, some groups (Dem or otherwise) should put up billboards saying "Sykes is lying to you." "Vicki is playing a role for Koch," and related messages. I think a lot if people are willing to connect the dots after this week.

  2. John,
    I was in Cedar Rapids, IA for work in October 2012 just prior to the last presidential election. I finished up around 1:30 pm and as I started my drive home to Madison I scanned the AM dial to see what was on - of the stations that had a clear signal two were religious, two were sports programming, and seven (7) stations were carrying the Rush Limbaugh program (with a clear signal - just east of Cedar Rapids).

  3. It's shocking the coverage of right wing hate radio. Let's hope bankruptcy, the free market, will do what human nature couldn't stop.

  4. Sykes, Icki and the others aren't drinking the Kool-Aid, they are under orders from their paymasters, the Bradleys and the Kochs. As is Walker, and this is the real story, how AM radio and the WisGOP establishment are clearly coordinating the message- support Cruz, and denigrate Trump.

    Seems like a great time to pit up billboards in eastern Wisconsin saying "Sykes/Bader is lying to you." I think a lot more people will be willing to listen to that message after the last few weeks. The mask has slipped

    Jake formerly of the LP