Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump trashes Walker's Wisconsin.

Credit Donald Trump for telling fellow conservatives the truth about Scott Walker's Wisconsin. Things aren't going well here, despite the fact that stand with Walker voters approve of the job he's doing now. The new Marquette University Poll shows an improvement, up from 39% to 43%.

I'm hoping conservative voters are more informed than the right wing trolls who seem preoccupied nationwide with correcting grammar and spelling in news articles. Content not so much, if at all.

Trump's stay in Wisconsin will help expose Walker's lies as only Trump can explain them:
WSJ: At the rally, Mr. Trump accused Mr. Walker of overstating the strength of the state’s economy, a criticism that fell on receptive ears of an audience that booed at the mention of their governor’s name.

"He’s not doing such a good job, Scott Walker, but he’s convinced you there’s no problem. Both Walker and Cruz want TPP — that would hit Wisconsin so hard.”
Trump was point blank about Walker's Wisconsin:
Trump then read a long list of economic data points to make the case that Walker has failed: total state debt $45 billion, 20,000 fewer people in labor force than 7 years ago, 800,000 food stamp recipients; middle class hit hard due to loss of manufacturing; 15,000 jobs lost to NAFTA and more.

“He’s not doing such a good job, Scott Walker, but he’s convinced you there’s no problem.”
Trump's $45 billion number includes a whole bunch of debt, including the states healthy pension fund. The real number is around $14.1 billion, up about $860 million from his first day in office. Walker 's Wisconsin was also coming up $2.2 billion short in revenue, prompting the huge cuts to the UW and state parks, among other things. Trump continued:
"You had a $2.2 billion budget deficit and the schools were going begging and everything and everything was going begging because he didn't want to raise taxes because he was going to run for president.

"So instead of raising taxes he cut back on schools, he cut back on highways, cut back on a lot of things. And that's why Wisconsin has a problem and you're losing jobs all over the place."
Here's Trump on right wing radio WROK:

No Love for Paul Ryan: 
The audience also surprised Mr. Trump by booing the mention of a local luminary, House Speaker Paul Ryan, whose hometown is Janesville. “How do you like Paul Ryan?” Mr. Trump said, and when the crowd booed, he said, “Wow. I was told to be nice to Paul Ryan. He is the Speaker, he is very nice. Wow, are you sure you are all Republicans? Are you mostly conservatives?”
I especially liked Trump's honesty about the Republican hypocrisy about eminent domain:
Trump called the Club for Grow (he donated $15,000 to them for Scott Walker recall election) a“crooked outfit.” Trump said that a representative of Club for Growth had met with him and written to him asking for $1 million and now the group is running ads against him in Wisconsin.

“He writes me a note asking for $1 million dollars. Now they are doing ads all over Wisconsin on eminent domain. By the way without eminent domain you would not have schools roads or hospitals... but they are complaining about eminent domain which is kind of funny because these people love the Keystone pipeline... which is all about eminent domain,” he said.
But the latest flap might be his downfall as a candidate; abortion, where women are prosecuted and men go free:

When continually pressed for what the answer is regarding punishing women who would break any theoretical ban, Trump said the “answer is that there has to be some form of punishment, yeah.” 

When pressed on if the United States should change the law of the land on abortion as set by the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade Trump responded: “You’ll go back to a position like they had where people will, perhaps, go to illegal places.” Still, he maintains “you have to ban it. This issue is unclear and should be put back into the states for determination.”

The MSNBC host followed up wondering if a man should bear responsibility for abortions as well, to which Trump said “no” he didn’t think so. 
Here's a bit of analysis featuring Trumps reversal a few hours later:


  1. The working class and working poor could not matter less to Ted Cruz--or Scott Walker. They work only for the rich. It's too bad that it took a demagogue like Trump to lead Wisconsinites to the truth.

  2. I'd respectfully disagree with your blanket characterization and your neglecting to be specific about which Wisconsinites are being schooled by Trump. A small percentage of extreme right-wing WI voters may be learning something that challenges their unfounded beliefs about Walker and the state Republican fascists, but I believe a significant majority of Wisconsinites never suffered under that delusion and are learning nothing new from Trump.

  3. I always hold out hope, but after talking to my conservative friend, I believe you are right.