Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump vs Right Wing Radio

Conservative talk radio is suffering from stage four political cancer. And only a few hard core right wing patients are willing to die from it. Many listeners just can't stand the pain anymore...
President oiHeartMedia Pittman is begging a San Antonio judge to give him a restraining order. But the radio stations’ owner doesn’t have a stalker or a crazed ex-wife. No, he wants a restraining order to keep his creditors from putting the hate-radio company in default and bankruptcy.

It seems his 850 radio stations, spread out across the country, are in danger of going under, because Pittman owes $20 billion to his creditors. It is impossible to feel sorry for the “hate radio” generator of mass racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny. Pittman is responsible for spreading incredibly ignorant ideas across the country, ideas that have caused untold damage between family members and other groups of people ... corporate owner of hate salesmen like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, and Glenn Beck
So it wasn't a big surprise when the unlikable Donald Trump made the rounds and took a few lumps from right wing hosts who are used to getting away with murder on Milwaukee radio stations. You’d think station owners would care just a little about the quality of their product, and demand their hosts back up their endless steam of on air fictional bloviating…guess not. 

The biggest purveyor of mindless rambling bullshit is WISN/WIBA-AM's Vicki McKenna, my cohost for the one year I was inside the right wing bubble. Rude and detached from reality as ever, McKenna didn't impress Trump:  
“Obviously you’re not going to vote for me, ” Trump told WISN talker Vicki McKenna. After 25 minutes of sparring, he signed off with a sarcastic, “Best of luck to you, Vicki,” and hung up on her, according to McKenna.
The reason for Trump's abrupt exit? McKenna, like Charlie Sykes, are drunk on the Scott Walker supply side Kool-Aid. To them, failure is success, divide and conquer is healthy:
“You’re in Wisconsin, where it’s a different state, sir, than you might be used to.m This is a state that pulled together Republican coalitions. Scott Walker didn’t win or get the incredible reforms that we were actually able to pass through in a blue-state-turned-purple-state like Wisconsin by dividing Republicans.”
WTMJ's Charlie Sykes continues to crank out great fiction, imagining "civility,""decency," and sticky to flip floppy "principles." Check out this god awful projection:
“Here in Wisconsin, we value things like civility, decency and actual conservative principles,” the talk show host declared before ripping Trump for his campaign behavior, comparing him to “a 12-year-old bully on the playground,” and suggesting his claim to be a conservative was a “giant fraud.”
Trump at least has a handle on the states declining business and job creation, which are fighting words for in-the-tank "stand with Walker" radio brownshirts:
McKenna fiercely defended the health of the state’s manufacturing sector and derided Trump’s view that trade is killing jobs. “Wisconsin is actually fourth in the Midwest in terms of manufacturing growth. We’re not losing manufacturing in Wisconsin!”

Trump told McKenna, “I don’t think fourth in the Midwest is very good, because the Midwest is not doing particularly well.”
After all the interviews Trump has given, he seemed surprised by Wisconsin's biased talk losers:
Trump sounded perplexed by the talk radio buzz saw he ran into Monday. “I’m a little surprised that talk show hosts would be supporting somebody. You’d think there’d be a certain impartiality,”
Yea, you'd think.

To hear McKenna and Sykes talk up unity in Walker's Wisconsin, treating the 2011 protests & recall like something the Democrats started, you'd have to declared them mentally incompetent:
“Look, if you’re going to be the presidential candidate, you have to find a way to unify a whole bunch of people right now who are at each others’ throats,” McKenna told Trump. “And we feel it viscerally here because we went through the (protest) occupation in 2011 and a recall election in 2012. That’s the landscape you’re facing here when you’ve got Republicans acting like ‘recallers’ to other Republicans.”
That whole picking your presidential candidate thing...yea, just like a recall?

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  1. I don't think it's Kool-aid, I think Sykes and Icki are under orders from the puppetmasters of WisGOP (the Bradleys and the Kochs). They said "hurt Trump and get behind Cruz", and so they did. Walker also endorsed Cruz for the same reason.

    And Icki should know that Wisconsin has lost 2,700 manufacturing jobs in the last 2 months, and has fewer people working in that sector than we did a year ago