Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bradley lets Right Wing do her Talking.

Republicans have a dangerous problem "projecting" every ugly part of their ideology onto liberal Americans, who couldn't think more differently. It protects and feeds their anger. But liberals are also victims of their own projection, like when they think conservatives will someday see the light and change their ways. For example...

She doesn't have to. It's the perfect cover of phony outrage.

Unless I'm mistaken, it looks like every right wing flack and corporate lobbyist is getting media time defending Rebecca Bradley's unforgivable commentary that can't be reversed; can you still be a conservative and take back saying a majority of Clinton voters are either totally stupid or entirely evil? They're saying that now for gods sake. Or how about "degenerate queers," words no one else uses. And that's her public face.

Right wing special interests want us to believe Bradley's bigoted and partisan comments aren't any different than shotgunning too much beer at a party and "morning-after walks of shame through a random guy’s filthy apartment."

The only thing they haven't said yet is how refreshingly honest she was back then.

"I accept her apology," because that's how forgiving Republicans usually are? Fmr. Commerce Sec. Bill McCoshen, who is now the Managing Partner of corporate lobbyists Capitol Consultants, had this grasping at straws excuse. Here and Now:
McCoshen: "I don't believe she was a judge at the time...everything we're talking about here today, Frederica, is before she was a judge."

Republicans now think Bradley's even More Qualified: Or how about lunatic fringers Brian Sikma, at Media Trackers, who had to be reminded that Bradley should be held to a higher standard as a public office holder, than say One Wisconsin Now's Scot Ross:
Sikma: "...but at the same time, you know, Scot Ross is a big public figure here..." 
Yup, the same:'s her Temperament: Watch Bradley become unhinged after hearing from soft spoken JoAnne Kloppenburg:

While Obama is taking a few weeks to review possible nominees for the supreme court, Walker's unvetted Bradley got the track, before anyone else could turn in their application:

Here's One Wisconsin Now's Jenni Dye on Bradley's insane comments:

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