Friday, March 25, 2016

Cruz liked the way Walker dismissed Act 10 protesters; Cruz calls Trump coward, in bar fight over wives!!

As WPR reported:
Cruz Says He Was 'Inspired' By Walker During Act 10 Protests: "Wisconsin is known for producing fighters," Cruz said. "When Gov. Scott Walker stood up and led the fight against the union bosses of the public employee unions, and when millions and millions of men and women across Wisconsin stood with Gov. Walker, that fight inspired millions of Americans across this country. It inspired me, it inspired Heidi."
In a down-the-rabbit-hole interpretation of the 1st Amendment, Cruz portrayed every protesting Wisconsinite standing up for workers, as corrupt "special interests."
"It showed that when we stand together as 'we the people,' we can beat the special interests and we can end the corruption."
Cruz wants to be President? To hear one candidate for president call another candidate a "coward," in an argument over their wives...seriously, what is happening in this country, and why is the Republican Party still relevant:

And then this happened...

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