Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trump support biggest in many of the hardest hit Rural conservative areas of the State.

The Journal Sentinel's map charting Trump's favorable numbers matched up oddly to the rural areas of the state that depend so much on the Earned Income Tax Credit. Trump the blusterer, the racist, bigot and a forceful government authoritarian. Yes, a millionaire like Trump, who doesn't really need anybody or their approval, will lift a finger to help?

These are the poor disenfranchised voters getting government help, who vote Republican, and want to downsize government because it doesn't benefit them at all...except when you point out what they are getting. I have no problem with any of the programs, but they do:

And while Paul Ryan and others in congress talk about increasing the EITC, state Republicans went in the other direction, and cut back the EITC in Wisconsin. Confused policy principles should be a bright red flag. 

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