Thursday, March 10, 2016

Behold Bradley's sense of entitlement; "I deserve a little more respect than I'm receiving," after disrespecting AIDS victims & calling them degenerates.

I nearly spit out my coffee this morning after hearing a miffed Rebecca "bigot" Bradley whine about supporter frustration over a little hate speech. Poor baby. This is a hybrid form of the Fox News trick "some say...:" Wisconsin Public Radio:

"They cannot understand why the media is going after me like this. They cannot understand why the media is going after me like this. I'm somebody who has put myself out there to serve the people of Wisconsin, and I deserve a little more respect than I'm receiving." 
That's a fine example of Bradley's "hot headed" temperament. After JoAnne Kloppenburg pointed out how Bradley continues to espouse right wing positions on the issues (like contraception is murder), Bradley blew up and childishly attacked Kloppenburg (at 2:21)...not exactly the kind of behavior you want to see on the bench. The Milwaukee Bar Association Forum :

Bradley's "orginalist philosophy" is the preposterous idea that only conservative judges and justice know exactly what the founding fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution.

Kloppenburg highlighted Bradley's volatile temperament, lack of maturity and disrespect for the litigants/attorney's appearing before the state's highest court when she left during arguments to fund raise with WMC lobbyists. With the calm and precision of a Supreme Court justice, Kloppenburg laid it all out:

After Scott Walker tried and failed to unconstitutionally silence the protesters at the Capitol with a bizarre set of permits and free speech restrictions, the state asked the Court of Appeals to insert specific language that would make the law whole again, which they refused to do. Kloppenburg is on that court and wrote the decision. The State v Crute:

On an interesting side note, Bradley is outraged that the soft spoken Kloppenburg continually brings up how Scott Walker appointed her 3 times in 3 years. Bradley said Walker was just doing his "constitutional duty" when there was a vacancy...a duty Democrats like Obama don't have I guess, especially in their last year in office. Ironic?:

Soft spoken Kloppenburg is tough. Check out her closing statement. As for Bradley, has she got a bad case of projection or what...:
Bradley:"If people instead want to be dictated to and ruled by a majority of justices that happen to sit on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, they will elect Judge Kloppenburg."  
I'd like to remind Bradley that with or without her, there's still a conservative activist majority:

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