Thursday, March 17, 2016

Democrats join Republicans, vote away local control, allowing Fire Hazard live Christmas Trees in Churches.

What the hell Democrats? The “battered partner” party has secured itself as a minority fringe group of spineless whiners. You can forget about our current band of losers ever standing up for anything specific, unless Republicans bring it up first.

Adding to the Republicans long list of trashing local control,now with the help of Democrats, is this gem:
Local fire departments would have to allow Christmas trees in churches under a measure that passed the Senate … The plan would prohibit cities from enacting or enforcing any rules related to fire safety that prohibit the placement of a Christmas tree in a church. It would also apply to the rotunda of the state Capitol. 
A live tree in the Capitol makes sense because the building is under the watchful eye of security at all times, but churches?
Whitewater-area Republican Sen. Steve Nass called it a common sense bill. "Never did I think that we would be here in the state Senate having to pass legislation so people can enjoy a Christmas Tree."

The plan passed on a bipartisan 25-7 vote.
Anytime you make a guy like Republican Steve Nass seem like the voice of reason, you've got a big identity problem. Why weren’t Democrats on the same page with Sen. Fred Risser about letting local government decide?
Sen. Fred Risser said the bill was essentially asking local officials to ignore their own judgement. "Can you imagine legislating against fire safety?" he said. "That's what we're doing here."
The cowering Democrats that went along with this party breakdown should be ashamed.  

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  1. Coming soon: Legislation to get rid of that pesky third prong on electric plugs! Why should government regulate safety in such a way that citizens and businesses have difficulty in using extension cords as they wish?

    Also on the agenda:

    $ Space heaters that shut off every time they tip over,then you have to use the manual reset,

    $$ Carbon monoxide alarms that regulate your chimney and breathing and send young women and children outside at night with no warning,

    $$$ Automatic electric circuit breakers that let Underwriters Laboratory and bureaucrats limit how many amperes you can use,

    $$$$ Seatbelts in cars...