Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sheriff Clarke thinks GOP should politicize Terrorist Attack in France to win White House.

The right wing freak out over the terrorist attacks in France was scary. Is it a red flag when gun toting "responsible law abiding" patriots reach for their semi-automatic security blanket in a panic?

Triggered the conservative Fear Center: My conservative friend in Milwaukee called last night, sounding very angry, and then hung up on me after blaming liberals and Obama for not taking ISIS seriously. I'm assuming French citizens, armed to the teeth, could've somehow stopped lunatics with bombs wrapped around their chest.

Hypocrite Opportunists: After an endless flurry of conservative fear mongering tweets, one stood out as the most hypocritical, from phony "Democrat" Sheriff David Clarke. Often critical of anyone supposedly exploiting shooting rampages with politically motivated calls for tougher gun laws, Clarke wasn't afraid to make his point ghoulishly political:

Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice had this reminder:

Other tweeters noticed too....

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  1. For a bunch of big talkers, they sure get scared and go into the fetal position real easy, don't they?

    As for Tommy Clarke- he's just playing the role that Fox and Milwaukee talk radio pay him to play. It amazes me that the weak-minded suburban suckers still fall for it.