Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Oscar Mayer closes in Madison, more than 1,000 lost jobs as Wisconsin Moves Forward under Walker.

Since Scott Walker and his band of plundering pirates haven't exactly been focusing on jobs the last few years, things around Wisconsin are only getting worse:
Kraft Heinz Co. will eliminate more than 1,000 jobs in Madison when it closes its Oscar Mayer plant there and moves the brand's corporate functions from Madison to Chicago. The company is planning a new manufacturing facility near Davenport, Iowa, where production from the Madison plant is to be moved, according to the letter to employees. Oscar Mayer's history in Madison dates back to 1919.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said he was informed of the decision on Tuesday evening in a personal visit from Kraft Heinz corporate officials. "When you take the payroll, the production, the packaging materials, and then extend it to the dry cleaners, the retailers, the neighborhood grocers, the local dining spots, it is very significant," Soglin said. "How you make a good situation out of this is difficult. You can't." 
Yet when this recent story came out, Republicans yawned:
"For the first 9 months of 2015, Wisconsin companies have notified state of more than 8600 layoffs. That's 2,000 more than the year end totals of the last 3 years." 

While Republicans devised ways to keep their jobs and stay in power at the Capitol, not one had a moment to fire off a statement about the lost jobs and the loss of a piece of Madison history.

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