Saturday, November 7, 2015

Wingnut Blogger Schneider sees Walker a winner if Oscar Mayer finds a buyer, keeping factory open.

Basically admitting Scott Walker is the loser with Oscar Mayer's announced closing, Journal Sentinel blogger Christian Schneider thinks Scott Walker would come out the winner if the company keeps the factory open with a new buyer. Sure, Walker's going through his meat processor Rolodex right now.

How desperate can these in the tank Walker hero worshipers get? Oscar Mayer finds a buyer, Walker is the winner:

The Point Missed: The closing and recent gusher of other lost and exported jobs has made it perfectly clear, selling out Wisconsinites to the highest corporate bidders with tax cuts and deregulation wasn't just bad policy, it's paralyzing the states economy for decades to come. 

No Democratic governor or legislature will be able to reverse the overwhelming dismantling of Wisconsin's economic engine anytime soon, and we've got three more years of Walker to contend with. In a plea to help bailout his campaign debt due to spending money he didn't have, he told potential contributors:
"While I don't know exactly what the future holds, trust me, we will continue leading the fight for big, bold, conservative change in Wisconsin and across America."
You mean we're not there yet? Think that comment is scary? Here's what Walker wrote (click to enlarge):

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