Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Two Walker/GOP Myths Busted: Support for Returning Veterans and Support for Treating Mental Illness.

Let's destroy two intolerable Republican myths in one fell swoop.

Myth #1: Republicans support returning veterans. Goes without saying, they've got their backs.

Myth #2: Republicans support treating mental illness, the biggest reason they say for gun violence in the country. Like Scott Walker recently said after the last mass shooting spree:
"It's unfortunate that all too often we've seen from people like Hillary Clinton a political reaction to something that's much more sophisticated and challenging than that. The common thread we see in many of these cases is a failure in the system to help someone who is suffering from mental illness."
Myth Busting: Republicans have refused to support a bill that supports veterans that treats mental illness...:

This is how disconnected "Stand with Walker" voters are from reality
WKOW: Democratic state legislators are looking for Republican support on a bill that would authorize the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) to provide health care aid to military veterans for mental illness or substance abuse counseling.
Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach is amazed he can't muster interest from our flag waving veteran supporting Republicans:
"I don't know why the Republicans wouldn't support this," said Sen. Erpenbach. "I don't know why the (Senate) majority leader wouldn't schedule this as soon as we possibly could after it had a hearing and was voted out of committee."
The money is there as a stop gap for veterans until the VA processing is complete:
The idea is to give those who need mental health services a voucher so they can go get em, until the VA finds some time to schedule them on their own" ... according to a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office released October 29, veterans are still waiting an average of 26 days to get an appointment for treatment or counseling through the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs.
While Republicans try to humiliate food stamp recipients with photo IDs and cut the jobless off of their unemployment benefits (big business doesn't like paying into the fund), it appears veterans just aren't a priority...this session:
Due to its recent introduction it won't be possible to get it passed during the fall session.
"We dealt with this on the (Joint) Finance Committee back in April where the Republicans said - 'for the most part it looks like a good idea, but we need more time to review.' Well, here we are, the beginning of November," said Sen. Erpenbach.
Here's WKOW's Greg Neumann:

Oh, and how can Republicans explain away this jaw dropping list of non-support:

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  1. Look, Republicans have never cared about veterans. Maybe, maybe, they support the troops - until they come home and then they treat them as disposable. It's shameful, but nothing new. They are more than willing to hand a billion dollars to a defense contractor for a cruise missile, but god forbid they pay for treatment for the veteran with PTSD.