Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Walker takes on State Constitution with Activist Supreme Court justices, hoping to reverse past rulings, take control of public education.

Now that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is stacked with activist conservative justices who have unapologetically legislated from the bench, Republican Governor Scott Walker can now centralize power by legally wiping out past decisions to fit in with his new authoritarian state.

How and what our kids are taught in school is the next important step in holding power, and the movement to control curriculum is gathering steam. Walker wants the constitutional office of the state superintendent to march to his edicts, tossing small government out the window, and replacing a qualified educator with partisan legislative freeloaders who failed in the private sector.

Most importantly, this is a redo, and a real test for the activist court; will it unashamedly rule in the governors favor, throwing out a fairly recent court decision. The only things that's change in Wisconsin is the radicalized party in charge.
(A) 1996 Supreme Court ruling stopped then-Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) from placing the education department under his control.
Walker's style, to win and then destroy his opponents, rolls on this time targeting the state's Constitution:
AP: The Wisconsin Supreme Court is considering whether to overturn a nearly 20-year-old ruling that protected powers of the state superintendent of schools from being taken away by the Legislature or governor.

The court heard arguments Tuesday in a case challenging a 2011 law that gives the governor the power to approve and block administrative rules being enacted by the state superintendent. Lower courts have struck down the law as it applied to state Superintendent Tony Evers and the department he oversees.


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