Friday, November 13, 2015

DNR can't do anything about the effects of High Capacity Wells on our Water Supply.

Water is now there for the large dairy farms to take, regardless of what it might mean to anyone else, now or in the future. "The days of regulating by fiat are over," said WMC's Scott Manley. Yes, we're getting the feeling...a sinking one, that he may be right:
WPR: Judge Rules DNR Has No Authority To Monitor High Capacity Well: Two Wells Will Pump 500 Gallons Per Minute For Large Dairy Farm. A judge in Outagamie County has ruled the state Department of Natural Resources doesn't have the authority to monitor high-capacity wells at a large dairy in central Wisconsin. The New Chester Dairy plans to install two high-capacity wells that will each pump 500 gallons a minute to provide water for more than 8,600 cows. The judge ruled the DNR can't require a dairy to measure how that much pumping would affect ground water.

Scott Manley, of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, calls the ruling a victory for employers and an endorsement of the current Legislature's efforts to roll back regulations that burden businesses. WMC fielded amicus briefs in support the suit brought by New Chester Dairy challenging the DNR's authority to require the monitoring wells. Manley said the ruling is a sign that "the days of (government agencies) regulating by fiat are over."

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