Friday, November 6, 2015

Walker refuses to be questioned about Oscar Mayer, Lost Jobs or shortage of seasonal workers!

You’ve got to be kidding me?

One thing is certain, Scott Walker won’t tolerate disrespectful questions or blame surrounding Oscar Mayer, S.C. Johnson, GE, or deal with the seasonal labor shortage in the state. Who do we think we are?
WISC: (A) letter sent to Walker Thursday from 14 Dane County Democrats asked Walker a series of questions about his actions prior to the decision of Kraft Heinz to close the Madison plant and eliminate 1,000 jobs in the city.

Gov. Scott Walker: "These workers need our help and they need us to work together. Instead, your letter appears to want to look for someone to blame.

If Mayor Soglin was concerned about the possibility of losing jobs at Oscar Mayer after the August meeting, why did he not contact the state for help? Instead of pointing fingers at each other, we need to work together to help the workers and families being hurt by this corporate decision."
Walker closed his letter by saying the state "is moving in the right direction."
 Of course Walker's pointing a finger at Mayor Soglin doesn't count as blame or conflict with working together, just in case that seemed confusing.

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  1. Standard Walker practice, no accountibility. He was too busy pretending to run for president. Allowing those close him to live extravagant lifestyles above their means, accumulate large amounts of debt, and required to be bailed out by others by seeking "donations" which I'm sure would not be used for political favors. We have government accountability to prevent political bribery to prevent that, oh wait.