Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Republicans squeeze Snowmobile Trail fees out of Wisconsinites now, just like out-of-staters.

Snowmobilers are going to be paying a hefty price for their fun little sport this year, thanks to a new "fee" passed by Republicans.

Fees come out of the same pocket as taxes, but sound better to conservatives, and have the benefit of maintaining a political pledge made to an out-of-state special interest group by Republican legislators. Everybody wins.

Oh and it makes us look better on the chart of high tax states, moving us down a few notches as we shift from taxes to fees.

Snowmobile registration is now $30 for 3 years, up from 2 years. But Wisconsin residents for the first time have to pay a trail fee of $30. In the end, snowmobilers will be spending an extra $75 over three years...where there once was no fee. Out-of-state snowmobilers will be tapped for $50.

This is all part of the new user fee structure in the state, where residents don't share in what Wisconsin offers anymore. As Wisconsinites, we no longer have skin in the game when it comes to our parks and trails, no pride of ownership. And isn't it fun not being responsible? That's what the Republican Party is all about.

Republicans are offering a discount if you belong to the states snowmobile lobby though, which isn't coercive in the least.

Here's WKOW's report:

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