Sunday, April 26, 2015

Walker's bloody trail of savaged Democratic Wisconsinites endears him to conservative voters everywhere, distracts from failed governorship.

So how has Scott Walker moved Wisconsin forward?

For “stand with Walker” drones, it’s not what he’s accomplished, it’s how he’s successfully attacked Democrats and punished them. 

You’ll notice from the tweets here, echoed by my conservative friend in Milwaukee, that the right wing base doesn't care about the deficit producing bad budgets and unemployment rates that don’t include low participation rates for job seekers.

Walker's "superb record in office" is based on making "unions cry," and pushing back against the "vicious opposition" exercising their 1st Amendment right to redress their government. Walker put in place regulations and fines for protesters, deemed later to be unconstitutional in a court of law for gods sake. Even worse, Walker wrote a book about how he thought protesters were trying to intimidate him:

But Walker's "accomplishments" have little to do with moving us forward or solving problems relating to wage growth, health care certainty, and actual job creation (not corporate welfare). Cap Times:
The biggest applause came in response to comments about defunding Planned Parenthood and passing castle doctrine, concealed carry and voter ID legislation.
Walker even took credit for an already healthy state pension system. I guess we should give him Brownie points for not screwing that up...yet.
Touting his record in Wisconsin, Walker boasted of the state's pension system, its 4.6 percent unemployment rate. 

Absent were any mentions of Wisconsin's job growth, which earned him criticism from his detractors during a recent trip to Minnesota. The state ranks at 40th in the nation for job growth and 42nd for wage growth, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the state's job growth has lagged the national average since six months into Walker's first term.
But he sure showed those union loving liberal Democrats. 

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  1. This strain of uncritical resentment politics looks so much like sports-fandom. At some point early in life you arbitrarily decide you're either a Packers/Bears/Vikings fan, and you stick to it as a matter of honor/virtue for the rest of your life. Your team can do no wrong, and you cheer the failure of the other two. Not even an all-time talent like Brett Favre could transcend this dynamic.
    I'm sure it exists to some extent on all sides, but it sure seems especially prevalent with GOP/Tea Party. I wonder where it stops. Unions are the "enemy" so they cheer actions that harm workers regardless of negative follow-on effects for society and the economy. If some economic catastrophe disproportionately visited poverty/suffering on "liberal enclaves" like MKE or Dane County, would they cheer for that despite its negative impact on the state as a whole? How about a natural disaster?