Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sheriff Clarke admits he's not a Democrat after all and Justice Prosser is a Republican working for big business. Thank you.

From the Vicki McKenna show, via Sly's podcast, conservative and phony Milwaukee Democrat Sheriff David Clarke betrayed every Republican secret.
1. Clarke whined how Democrats dared to challenge activist Justice David Prosser's reelection to the supreme court and came within 2,000 votes of defeating him. Clarke's angry tirade revealed...
a. Prosser is a Republican lackey who had..."the machinery of the Walker campaign and Republican Party behind him." Gee, doesn't sound like a fair impartial guy to me?

b. Clarke complained the Republicans, yes, Republicans, "should have fielded a candidate...and kickstart all of their mechanisms like the Manufacturers group and whatnot..." Again, Prosser is a Republican legislator on the bench working for big business, and isn't the least bit impartial.

c. But here's the surprise...Clarke really isn't a Democrat, just deceptively runs as one: "...because we've got a 4 to 3 margin. When I say we, the conservatives on the supreme court." Thank you David.

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