Sunday, April 19, 2015

Again, Walker threatens World with boots on the ground preemptive war "on their soil."

Who knew preemptive war was still a good idea, especially after Iraq.

And yet, our meek and cowering career politician and sometimes Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is coming across like the most unapologetic hawk since Dick Cheney, and then some. For a guy who's foreign policy experience doesn't extend beyond the Illinois and Minnesota borders, Walker is turning out to be one of the scariest authoritarian threats to world peace ever.

What are you supposed to think after this menacing Walker dictate to the world:
This protester sign
wasn't to far off.
The GOP's hawks were well represented at the event, led by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has limited foreign policy experience but articulated a muscular vision during his Saturday keynote address (in N.H.). Walker said the threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism won't be handled simply with "a couple bombings."

"We're not going to wait till they bring the fight to us. We're going to bring the fight to them and fight on their soil."

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