Friday, April 3, 2015

Walker not a Divider, getting a national image makeover?

It looks like Scott Walker is getting a national makeover. But first....

He isn't a Divider? Attention “Stand with Walker” Borg-like followers, you’re about to see how your own party can flip the Scott Walker legend around by twisting what you already know.

Whether you’re dealing with the real world news cycle or bubble world red state fantasies, citizens here know Scott Walker.

It's Walker's “divide and conquer” strategy...or is it?: Come on, get serious, we even have video proof:

We've seen article after article proving Wisconsin is the most divided state in the country.

The partisan gap over Walker in Wisconsin was the largest for any governor in any state where exit polls were conducted last month. And it was the biggest partisan divide in any race for governor or U.S. Senator in Wisconsin on record, based on exit polls dating back more than a quarter-century.

Over that time span, partisan loyalty in Wisconsin has become almost universal in contests for major office among voters who identify with a major party. And “crossover” voting (Republicans voting for Democrats and vice versa) has all but disappeared.
So check out this unintentionally daffy Washington Post article that gets it all so very wrong. Amazing:
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"The newest smear against Scott Walker: The New York Times is already labeling him small-minded and exclusionary: Mr. Walker, a small-town minister’s son ... is a product of one of the most politically and racially polarized regions of the country, metropolitan Milwaukee. Get it? He’s from a “racially polarized” region so that must mean . . . It’s an unsubtle way of calling him racially divisive without bothering to come up with any facts."
No facts? Really? The heavily researched picture to the right was just made up? But Wisconsinites had no clue, right, because Walker concealed his "divide and conquer" plan so well?
"I bet you didn't know Walker was so racially divisive. Well, neither did he or the voters who supported him in three elections. He did a boffo job of concealing his exclusionary instincts by expanding state health care for the poor and a variety of worker training programs. Then again, the surest way into the hearts of Republicans is to be smeared gratuitously by the Times and the rest of the liberal media. He can wear that as a badge of honor — and then prove how wrong they are." - Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn blog for The Post, offering reported opinion from a conservative perspective. Right Turn

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  1. Jennifer Rubin is living proof of the Costanza theory- take what she says, and assume the opposite is true. She's a pathetic affirmative action case whose real allegiance is to the Likud.

    But please, keep saying these things in RW bubble-world, because Walker is a guaranteed 400 electoral vote loss for the GOP in 2016.