Saturday, April 4, 2015

Walker ObamaCare tantrum: Will do nothing for 185,000 on Exchanges threatened by Supreme Court Decision to kill Tax Credits.

If Democrats were strong, they would never let Scott Walker off the hook for running away from the possible collapse of the government run ACA exchange in our state.

It seems unimaginable Walker could just stand by and watch 185,000 Wisconsinites lose their health insurance without lifting a finger.

It seems unimaginable that Walker would simply blame someone else for the problem, and do nothing.

It seems unimaginable that voters would not push back against this belligerent irresponsible behavior from someone supposedly elected to manage these kinds of problems. He says it's too much "pressure." 

Grownups don't behave like this. They don't let people get hurt.

And yet, Scott Walker expects us to accept this bullshit:
"We're going to push back. This president of the United States—they've got to come up with a solution....They're going to try to put the pressure on us but we need to put the pressure right back on them."

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