Monday, April 6, 2015

Public School Republican Indoctrinates Students, saying Obama not a Christian, just like the parents that support him.

Liberal indoctrination in public schools has been the target of Republicans since the beginning of time, or at least the last 50 years. Every example supposedly proves conservatives are under attack. The truth about their party and actions is just so much left wing propaganda. That’s why privatization makes sense them.

And yet, Republican outrage does not extend to conservative indoctrination. This is not an isolated case, but it is the latest one getting minimal media coverage:
Salon: A Dublin City, Georgia teacher caused a community-wide scandal when she allegedly questioned President Barack Obama’s Christianity, as well as the Christianity of anyone who supported him in front of her class. The incident, which reportedly occurred last February, was brought before a school board meeting in late March. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Adam Carlson reports:

Dublin City Schools Superintendent Chuck Ledbetter said. a parent at Dublin Middle School first brought the matter to the school principal … In its letter the NAACP alleges that, in a parent-teacher conference soon after the comments were made, the teacher "presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics" instead of adequately addressing their concerns. 
Borg-like Republicans will automatically disregard this new outrage, laugh it off with some snide Democratic put-down, and never correct what seems to be a growing problem in our newly privatized educational system.

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