Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Worried " Walker puts positive spin on Doom & Gloom.

Scott Walker is a strict ideologue. Ideologues replace problems with theories they strongly believe in. That's why they don't have to solve problems, as is evidenced by the comments made by the current crop of candidates for president, especially Walker.            

In a recent WTMJ Radio interview, he said some really stupid things that the media in Wisconsin refuses to address.

Like when Walker’s “realist” doom and gloom view of America included the word “worried” 12
times in just 15 minutes. The national media picked up on it, but not the local conservative radio host, who thought nothing of Walker’s whiny dislike of our current way of life. Yes, conservatives hate the country so much they want to “turn America around,” and turn it into a free market dystopian fascist hellhole under the Orwellian banner of “freedom and liberty.”
Leadership: When asked if he's a gloomy guy, a reference to a recent Yahoo News article critiquing a recent speech in which he said "worried" 12 times in 15 minutes: "No, I’m a realist. As worried as I am about our country, I know with the right leadership in Washington, there’s no doubt we can turn America around and make America great again just like we did in Wisconsin."
Because American isn't great? Oh boy, the simpleton tea party voters won't like that.

What's this “Just like we did in Wisconsin?” What a great model; Wisconsinites are bitter enemies with their neighbors and no longer share the cost of public parks and education,....that takes the "us" out of U.S..
National debt: How to address the national debt, which he identified as the country's greatest domestic threat: "I believe it takes the kind of reform we put in place four years ago both in growth and reform. That means lowering the marginal tax rates, putting in place a competitive corporate tax rate so that we can bring jobs back from overseas so our fellow Americans can get back to work.
My god, Walker’s cluelessness about “ObamaCare” is still one of the great uncovered stories. Despite patients already making choices in the Healthcare.gov marketplace and choosing a doctor, Walker promises to give us...choices, except without the marketplace and tax credits. Welcome to the old insurance controlled system of exceptions, dropped policies, taxpayer supported high risk pools and the deaths of 50,000 people a year that could have been prevented…yup, "freedom and liberty:” 
We need to repeal Obamacare and allow patients to make those decisions..."

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  1. We're living through "1984" right now. War is peace. Love is hate. Truth is whatever Big Brother says it is.

    We'd all better wake up soon before this uneducated, self-interested demagogue brings the whole world down in flames.