Friday, April 3, 2015

SeniorCare cuts Scott Walker's conservative values on display.

If Democrats were smart they would not let Scott Walker off the hook for taking his budget shortfall out on seniors. 

Instead of paying just $30 a year and copays of $5 for generic drugs and $15 for brand name drugs, Walker wants them to pay around $15 to $130 a month for Medicare Part D. Here's my little formula:
For seniors on a fixed income, here’s a per year comparison:Seniorcare = $30 year.

Compared to….

Medicare Part D = $188 to $1,560 a year.
There is no justification for forcing seniors on a fixed income to pay more, none. This is not just sociopathic, it should be political suicide. But I'm guessing conservative voters aren't paying too much attention right now, like my friend in Milwaukee. They do realize, if they're lucky, they too will be seniors someday. Here's the report from WKOW:

One more thing. Democrats should also hold Walker accountable for signing the last irresponsible budget that everyone knew would result in deficits. Republican budgets are written to pay the bills and "return excess taxpayer money" back as tax cuts. If the cuts result in deficits, that's called bad budgeting. You don't just make more draconian cuts and act like everything is fine.

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