Friday, April 3, 2015

Scott Walker makes cuts that will kill our lakes and rivers...and he's worried about the world Democrats were leaving his kids?

Here's a second story that expands on my post:

Walker's DNR overseeing the end of our lakes...."There's just too many cows in Brown County..." I will say little here. I think this short excerpt tells you how Walker is taking care of the state:
jsonline: As worries grow about water pollution caused from runoff from streets, yards and farm fields, Gov. Scott Walker's next budget calls for nearly 16% in spending cuts in programs that attack the problem.

The reductions have gone virtually unnoticed until now, overshadowed by Walker's higher profile environmental initiatives to freeze land purchases and strip the Natural Resources Board of its policymaking power.

Runoff is the state's most serious water pollution problem.

In Green Bay, pollutants from farm fields and other sources have helped create a dead zone, an area so low in oxygen that it can't support most aquatic life.
We were warned about this guy....

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