Monday, April 20, 2015

Walker, Wisconsin's Absentee Landlord?

Digging deep to sound as petty as Scott Walker and his legislative plundering pirates, I thought this fit the bill. Rain hit the entire state (we might need more, but what the heck):

So is Walker still paying attention to Wisconsin, or just calling it in? You be the judge from this little tidbit:
According to the DNR's website Monday fire danger was considered low in every Wisconsin county.

Walker's office said in a news release announcing the declaration, however, that much of the state has experienced abnormally dry weather that's expected to continue through May.
It also appears Walker spent very little time thinking about his cobbled together mistake filled budget. He can't even get that right, as State Sen. Jon Erpenbach explained below on Capitol City Sunday. Struggling to save Walker's credibility, get a load of Dale Kooyenga's embarrassing comment about cranberries and motorcycles:


  1. Amazing how sharp this fool is. Only a few days back we were on high alert, but now after the rain he declares that we are in a state of emergency? How on earth do we get this idiot out of Wisconsin?

  2. It also smacks of a guy who realizes his approval ratings are tanking due to being an absentee Guv, and now he has to be seen "doing something."

    Combine that with the panic job of "state of emergency" on that bird flu which is barely in the state, but is huge in IOWA.

    Can our media stop with charade that this guy has a clue? Please?