Monday, April 13, 2015

Walker embraces Bush failed and disastrous Preemptive War Policy, with Dumb Ron Johnson's support.

If there ever was a failed policy, and an outright scary one at that, it was the Bush/Cheney preemptive war policy. It made the U.S. the global bully. It also went horribly wrong, spreading al Qaeda throughout Iraq and spin off groups like ISIS.

What, learn from the past...never!!! Scott Walker apparently wasn't paying attention when we were fighting two wars on the credit card, a common problem on the right, where petty distractions have run amok.

Walker made it clear, preemptive, never ending war is coming. Walker mentioned watching the horrific ISIS videos. Maybe it's just me, but I never felt the need to watch a caged prisoner burned to death or get others get beheaded. Guys like Scott Walker had to watch, and take in the moment. And like your typical conservative terror junkie, it motivated him to breathlessly fear monger an already paranoid tea party gun toting audience.

While Sen. Tom Cotton thinks bombing Iran, for just a couple of days is cool (it won't result in any kind of military blowback?), our own frightened Dumb Ron Johnson is taking Walker's side; war, war, war. Wipe ISIS off the map:
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said his preferred method for dealing with ISIS is to "wipe them off the face of the Earth" as he blasted President Obama for being too soft on the issue.

"For me, defeat is, you know, defeat. Get rid of them, kill them! Wipe them off the face of the Earth. Wipe that evil, that barbarity off the face of the Earth. President Obama's definition of defeat is 'Let's kind of just contain this thing, kick it down the road and let the next guy or gal take care of it.'"
Johnson even thinks we should have stayed in Iraq. Both Bush and Obama tried to keep some military presence in Iraq but backed away when told our soldiers would be exposed to the whims of Iraqi law. Johnson is unaware the facts, as usual:
Johnson also blasted Obama for pulling U.S troops from Iraq, saying "the war had been won" but that the U.S should have stayed to build a stable democracy. Obama, Johnson said, "bugged out," causing U.S. casualties and money spent to be "wasted." Johnson told afterward that he would not vote to authorize troops to fight ISIS in Syria and elsewhere because he doubts Obama's commitment to success. 
As an added bonus, here's my little tribute to that grating Walker "head-bob & believe" gimmick:


  1. I thought liberals loved war? Or is it only when it isn't their guy waging them?

  2. Not only the head-bob but what is with the tongue thing?

  3. The real threat to Wisconites and Americans is the person in these 2 videos and ALL who hold the same ideas about Free DUH mb!