Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wisconsin Poll warning to Walker and Republican plunderers; this is not what the public wanted!!!

The latest Wisconsin Survey, conducted by Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Television and the Strategic Research Institute at St. Norbert College, again confirms how unhappy voters are with Scott Walker's bizarre scorched earth budget proposal. Despite not having anywhere to turn to make for the budget shortfalls, republican legislators are taking the heat and taking back many of the cuts. It will be interesting to see what magic they come up with to save their jobs.

Before you get to depressed at the tighter race shown in this poll, 44% for Hillary Clinton and 42% for Walker, take a look at the political makeup of the poll respondents:
The huge conservative response may be the reason why the Marquette Poll and PPP more accurately gauged public sentiment.

Here are the poll results I thought most interesting:

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