Sunday, April 5, 2015

A lesson for Democrats: Zappa easily debates the rabidly sick minds of two Republicans.

After watching a short clip of Frank Zappa's appearance on CNN's "Crossfire," and I couldn't help but notice how wacky the conservative panelist were in comparison. Remember, this was way back in a less radicalized time for Republicans, 1986. So I went out and found the whole clip. Wow! The show at first focused on Zappa's lyrics, but quickly moved into politics, and a debate I won't soon forget.

Progressives, liberals and Democrats would be wise to see how easily Zappa handled these guys. Zappa never once bought into their silly narratives and false premises. Instead he made them look like the brutally dictatorial and controlling Republicans they really are. Zappa was right in accusing them of pushing a fascist and theocratic agenda.

Seriously, it's a fast 20 minutes. Zappa never got angry, he just let Washington Times columnist John Lofton (you won't believe this clown) and Robert Novak (with his snide grinning gotcha's) look like controlling megalomaniacal fools.

And to conservatives, this was you before the dumbed-down rantings of the tea party. Another-words, you're worse now:

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