Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Walker tax cuts a wash? Maybe, as Wisconsinites vote to raise area taxes to fund their schools.

Just how disconnected are the Republicans from reality as they cut, cut, cut taxes?

Well, just take a look at the number of passed school referendums; these are tax increases. While Scott Walker and the Republicans can brag about their cut taxes, communities all over the state are raising them, pretty much negating any savings.  

It's odd to think this doesn't send them a message. Taxpayers get it, they understand, and they're a whole lot more responsible than their own elected officials.

The Republican obsession over tax cuts and their feigned concern for the taxpayers doesn't come close to the public's desire to spend money wisely, and not to mention educate the next generation.
Wisconsin voters approved ballot initiatives in 43 school districts (in April 2015), voluntarily raising property taxes in order to fund academics or improve infrastructure in their districts.Wisconsin voters approved ballot initiatives in 27 school districts (Nov. 2014).Wisconsin voters approved ballot initiatives in 25 districts (April 2014).
Since the Walker authority took over, Wisconsin schools have seen rapid declines and increases in all the wrong places. The graphs below, from the Wisconsin Budget Project, prove that. Thanks to our already high ranking in the country, actual declines may not be as noticeable, at least, right away.

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  1. I ask why we, the hardworking taxpayers, have to pay more? Why don't we ask Walker to cut back? How much money could we save if Walker had only 1 security guard instead of 5? If Walker stopped traveling internationally for his Presidential promotion on our dime? Stopped taking his kids on trips on our dime? Stopped taking donors on his international trips on our dime? Stopped handing out millions in corporate welfare via the WEDC on our dime? WE own the honey pot Walker dips into and WE should have oversight. I ask again, how much money is Walker STEALING right under our noses? WE need to publicize that loudly and clearly. Walker has the keys to the hardworking taxpayers piggybank. How's that working for US?