Saturday, March 30, 2013

President of Popeyes clueless over company employee Obamacare coverage. So what's all the whining about?

Big business CEO's aren't so smart. They never have been.

Yet we revere them and want to hand the keys to the country over to them. Heck, they must  know what they're talking about, right? Or are they just as partisan and just as ideologically blind as your local teabilly voter? It seems we now know the answer to that question:
Huffington Post: Ralph Bower, Popeyes' U.S. president, told The Huffington Post on Friday that he expected some workers to choose to work part-time because he thought the mandate to obtain health insurance applied only to full-time workers. Bower later corrected himself in a statement to HuffPost, but did not walk back his prediction "I was mistaken in my earlier statement that only full-time employees would be subject to the mandate. In fact, everyone is required to have health care," he said.
Larry Levitt, senior vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told HuffPost Friday that Bower's reasoning "seems quite confused." "There's no difference between working full-time or part-time in terms of how the individual mandate works," Levitt said. "I can't see any advantage from a health insurance perspective of someone working part-time."

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