Saturday, March 23, 2013

Middle Class Duped, Ripped-off!!! The Dumb Ron Johnson Promise not to pay back borrowed money from Trust fund

The bizarre Republican campaign to stiff the middle class, by not paying back the borrowed Social Security Trust Fund money is getting little if no media attention.

Congress has been raiding our Social Security retirement trust fund for decades, to spend on tax cuts among other things. Now, the Republican tightwads in the tea party want to walk, and not even pay it back.

Before we reform the tax code and make spending cuts, why not pay off our bills first? That's if Republicans really want to save our kids from the crushing pain of deficits. Instead, the Republicans want to leave the Trust Fund empty, and steal money from our kids Medicare and Social Security benefits in the future, by reducing what they'll get in retirement.

It almost takes your breath away. Am I the only one who's noticed?

Dumb Ron Johnson is even telling us that point blank. But the money isn't gone, it's borrowed. It's not "worth zero," as Johnson claims, unless dumb Americans can be lead by dumber Americans like Johnson.

Talking point Tips: To make it goes.
Republicans refuse to pay down their debt after spending like drunken sailors.

Republicans refuse to pay back the money they BORROWED from the Social Security Trust Fund.

Republicans are stealing from our kids Social Security and Medicare funding by reducing their benefits so they can reduce taxes today. 

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