Monday, March 25, 2013

Walker to co-write autobiography with former Bush and Rumsfeld adviser. Credibility Problem?

Feel free to contribute a possible title for Scott Walker's upcoming book:
The Hill: Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is co-writing a book with Marc Thiessen, who served as a chief speechwriter for former President George W. Bush. In addition to focusing on Walker’s governorship, the book will also be autobiographical … The as-yet untitled work will be published by Sentinel, an imprint of Penguin Group. Walker tapped Thiessen, a former adviser to Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, to collaborate on the project because of his familiarity with “the political and fiscal aspects of Walker’s efforts.”
"Wisconsin Needs Walker?"


  1. America's First Family of Treason: Facist Herbert Walker's Legacy Continues

    He gets propped up by the same media and money as george WALKER bush because he is from that criminal clan -- don't write him off -- the propaganda that does so much for him in Wisconsin works at a national level too.

    And the SCOTUS has already ruled you cannot decide presidential elections by actually counting the votes.

    Walker stole the recall and proprietary, private, and closed elections can catapult him into the White House -- especially in 2016 when there is not an incumbent running for re-election.

    Be very afraid -- the masters of the universe have big plans for scott walker.

  2. You nailed it. They're greasing the skids for this guy.

  3. "Triumph of the Shill" ?