Sunday, March 17, 2013

Walker's Health Care Maze Separates Kids from Parents.

This great story, featured on WPT's Here and Now, is one of the first completely honest looks at the impact of Scott Walker's bizarre Medicaid (Badgercare) scheme. This is your typical Wisconsin family/small business owner, who will now be subject to the roller coaster ride and emotional horror Walker has created for them in their pursuit of a little health care security.

Walker's plan divides the family too; the kids will still be on Badgercare, while mom and dad seek out a separate policy on the health care exchanges (marketplaces). All this on top of running a business. Now that's business friendly and real freedom. From Zac Schultz:

To Republicans, everyone would do what they would do, cheat and freeload off the system.

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  1. istidati10216Apparently, a scheme that is already required to have been in place for having any prospect to hold the office of the POTUS. Obama meet Walker, Walker meet Obama, different names, same games. Can WI bloggers get past the D and R meme soon? Not holding my breath on that one.