Tuesday, March 12, 2013

State Republicans Blame GAB for 156 Municipalities missing voter roll update.

State Republicans are trying to find some reason to turn our nonpartisan elections board into political appointees. So they're spitting mad at the Government Accountability Board (GAB) about something that's really out of their hands.
WKOW: Republican lawmakers interrogated the Wisconsin's top election official for over two hours on Tuesday. They say the Government Accountability Board (GAB) violated state law by failing to update the voter rolls in time for the April 2nd spring election. 
It’s hard to violate state law when the GAB’s job duties aren't written out in any law. That’s what make this more of that now infamous phony outrage:

But Republicans on the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee say if the system isn't updated on time it could lead to voter fraud.

GAB Executive Director Kevin Kennedy said, "156 municipalities did not have their data entry in within 60 days after the election, including our two largest municipalities did not have that work done.  We still have 36 that don't have it done." 
As usual, our Republican masters are looking to discipline those who dare question their authority. Here’s the dumb ass running for state superintendent of public instruction:
Republicans on the committee want to know why local clerks can't get their job done in time. "That expectation's not been met, so why?" asked Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford).  "Is it intentional?  Is it lack of good judgment?  Is it lack of priorities?"  
Amazing response. 

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  1. The GOP lawmakers essentially seem to be saying this: "You guys over aren't doing your jobs. Therefore, we're going to shoot that guy over there."