Thursday, March 21, 2013

Walker's Raw Idealism on Medicaid and Vouchers starting to Piss People Off.

Two big issues hit the fan this week. Thanks to the great reporting from WKOW's Greg Neumann, you get a peak at the legislative push back.

First, the huge loss of jobs, the turning back of our own federal dollars to expand the Medicaid program, not to mention the additional loss of $100 million by local businesses, had many Democrats and Republicans looking for just one good reason pass Walker's plan. Sen. Dale Schultz may join Luther Olsen in crafting something less ideological. Ah, guys, I think there are a few Democrats hanging around the senate too.

The fact that the state can opt out anytime blows a hole in the idiotic claim by Walker the fed doesn't have the money and will stick Wisconsin with the bill:

I have one theory about Walker's possible motive; the poor forced into the marketplace, and businesses unhappy with any additional costs, may end up blaming Obama instead of Walker for their pain.

Secondly, State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers let Republicans have it over the expansion of the voucher program at the expense of public school spending. Schools really will get fewer dollars:

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