Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Justice Roggensack says Justice Bradley needed to "Calm down." What about Justice Prosser?

Even Republican women have a hard time standing up for their own gender and work place rights.

While Justice Pat Roggensack has done everything she can to downplay Justice Prosser's physical attack of another Justice, she's only made herself look even more culpable.

Check out the amazing backhanded slap at Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, who apparently needed to "calm down," despite being choked moments before by Justice Prosser. Audio from WPR's Idea's Network:

Roggensack: "I physically separated those two people, by putting my body between them and holding onto Justice Bradley until she calmed down."
Roggensack then made this unintentional admission of bias:
Roggensack: "You know, I wouldn't be an independent decision maker, that would not be fair to the parties that were involved in this."
Roggensack of course never mentioned Justice Prosser by name, because that would just add to his bad reputation and tie him to the assault. I wonder if she gets his slippers too.

Prof. Ed Fallone just put out this ad highlighting the incident:

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