Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Health Insurers Threaten Public with Blackmail, will Raises Premiums as Backlash to Obamacare.

Isn't it time we stop holding businesses harmless? We generally accept anything and everything they do.

Business can withdraw medical treatment for people. Businesses move their companies to another state or country leaving millions of Americans without jobs. And now…they can threaten us, with blackmail.

Even with the influx of millions of new customers and revenue, the health insurance industry is threatening to blow up reform. If we had included a public option, they would not have had this opportunity.

Will we still hold them harmless?
Health care reform sticker shock is coming, a Humana Inc. executive told business leaders Tuesday. “In 2014, the American public is going to wake up, and when they realize what Obamacare has done to them and what it’s going to cost them, there’s going to be an uproar,” said Jerry Ganoni, president of Humana Small Business and Specialty Benefits. He was speaking at the St. Norbert College CEO Breakfast and Strategy Series.


  1. This sounds like a price-fixing and market-rigging conspiracy to me. Will the Justice Department prosecute? So far, their record with the financial industry doesn't give much hope.

    The danger for the health insurers is that their outrageous, mafia-like behavior will generate an overwhelming public demand for single payer health insurance.

  2. How does this work if the companies under the new law are required to spend 80% (or whatever, I can't remember) of their money on actual health care? If the premiums are being raised, for whatever reason, how are they going to tie it to this percentage requirement?
    Aren't they or their patients getting subsidies to help cover the costs of new enrollees?
    I don't understand how they can threaten this unless they don't understand the underpinnings of this law or unless they're trying to frighten people.

  3. I'm a bit upset about Obamacare. Perhaps it speaks to the businesses, but a lot of places seem to be switching people from full-time to part-time simply to avoid having to deal with Obamacare. At least, that is how I understand it.

  4. Insurers have to justify any increase, so their threats will be met with resistance from HHS, I assume.

    Another thing, businesses switching workers to part-time jobs should be blamed for their irresponsible act and boycotted. What they're doing is immoral, and shifting the cost of care to the state Medicaid program. They should not get a pass and you shouldn't blame Obamacare.

  5. we will find tactics to shallow out any ... You don't get affordable healthcare without paying more someplace else

  6. we will find tactics to shallow out any ... You don't get affordable healthcare without paying more someplace else

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