Thursday, March 21, 2013

Public too Dumb to Understand Gun Safety Measures? How Respectful is that?

Gun nuts have nothing left to argue. That's why they've come up with a list of scare tactics about living through a lawless apocalyptic disaster, or creating scenarios where the U.S. government shreds the Bill of Rights and confiscates our guns.

To gun loons, the ignorant public shouldn't be writing guns laws. You see, we don't know enough about the mechanics that goes into manufacturing guns, bullet calibers or how confident they make us feel in a heated argument.

Media Fail: St Norbert College just came out with a poll that included a question about a banning military style rifles. Firearms that LOOK like military rifles. Professor Wendy Scattergood did a fine job of explaining the survey on WPR's morning show, up until a gun shill know-it-all called in to intimidate and confuse the question. It worked.

The caller thought the question was misleading because actual military assault rifles are fully automatic. Automatic weapons have been banned for decades. The question didn't ask should military assault weapons be banned, that's just dumb. It asked if military STYLE assault weapons, rifles that LOOKED like assault weapons, should be banned. As an "uninformed gun novice," even I understood the question.

Scattergood folded like a house of cards. Fearing the appearance of liberal bias, she panicked and agreed with the "gun shill" that the question should have been more specific. Scattergood blew it. Here's the audio of the smug gun loser scoring a win over our timid media.

WPR's morning show then presented firearm fanatic and propagandist Jim Fendry, who's baritone voice oozes authority and a thorough knowledge of the issues. Wrong. Fendry goes after background checks with an endless stream of bullshit. The facts below counter Fendry. Even radio host Joy Cardin had to question Fendry's lack of reasoning. Fendry ignored Justice Scalia's allowance for regulation, and said in all seriousness, it's too late anyway for gun control.

The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month approved background check legislation drawn up by Sen. Chuck Schumer.

That bill, S. 374, would require all private gun sales between individuals to be run through the existing National Instant Criminal Background Check System. For that purpose, the people involved would have to take the gun to a federally licensed gun dealer, manufacturer, or importer. S.374 makes exceptions for transfers between spouses, parents and children, siblings, and grandparents and grandchildren. It also contains language allowing the loan of firearms at a gun range or while hunting or otherwise for a short period of time.

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said, “there are only two reasons for government to create that federal registry of gun owners – to tax them and to take them.”
The same could be said of one of America's biggest killers, cars.

I have worried many times and had heated arguments about the day I believe the government will take away our cars. Think about it, the Constitution doesn't even protect car owners from government confiscation. 


  1. An AR-15 assault rifle --that's what the AR stands for-- is sold as a semi-automatic but can be converted to the equivalent of an automatic by adding a relatively cheap accessory which allows the avid gun-stroker to empty a 100 or 150 round magazine in seconds, thus making mince-meat of those totalitarian public-school children. This is a must have accessory to the small-penis, smaller-brain crowd of juveniles posing as men.

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