Friday, March 22, 2013

Wishful thinking makes voter fraud a reality. They got caught, even without Voter ID.

Republicans love telling people how easy it is to commit voter fraud, really isn't, and you will get caught. All bad results and all without voter ID.

I’m amazed at the balls a few people had trying to vote more than once. You can’t tell me Republicans didn't have any idea people would try to game the system, after telling them how many different ways they could vote more than once? Nice try, but we got em. Some of the cases are actually do to ELECTION FRAUD, a few unintentional, and some from shear stupidity:
jsonline: Milwaukee County prosecutors Thursday filed voter fraud charges against 10 people, including two accused of double voting in 2012 elections and two felons ineligible to vote.

A Milwaukee woman who is accused of signing a recall petition against Republican Gov. Scott Walker three times; and the petition circulator who collected those signatures.

Chad Gigowski, 27, is charged with voting in the November election in Greenfield and in Milwaukee, providing false information to a Greenfield election official and registering in more than one place … he told investigators he and a friend tried voting in at least two other spots before casting a vote in Greenfield. But records show he cast ballots in each city, according to the complaint. Gigowski faces up to 10 ½ years in prison and $30,000 in fines.

Brittany M. Rainey, 23, was charged with lying about her past as a felon to vote in last November's elections.

Caitlin B. Haycock, 24, is charged with a misdemeanor for signing her name and both her parents' names to a Walker recall petition on Nov 15, 2011. Haycock's parents, Virginia Hirsch and Mitch Haycock, separately signed Walker recall petitions on their own, the complaint said.

In another case linked to the Walker recall, Deborah Mehling is charged with a civil violation for signing a petition sheet as circulator even though her daughter had collected one of the signatures. Mehling faces a fine of up to $200.

Brian Uecker lived in Greenfield but in November voted in a ward in that city where he once resided but no longer lived.

Fozia Nawaz of Milwaukee voted in November in Greenfield, telling investigators she did so because it was easier.

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