Sunday, March 10, 2013

Comic Book Soundtracks coming.

Yes, I'm an old comic book superhero geek. I even drew my own characters with a Jr. High friend of mine who did the stories. So you can imagine how I feel about seeing my Silver Age heroes coming to life on the big screen. But for comic book page turners, and readers of graphic novels, sound is pretty much the last frontier. And that's coming:

Gizmodo: Marvel's new Project Gamma is the answer to a pretty simple question: What if comics had their own soundtracks?

Simply, Project Gamma adds music to comics. But not like a standard soundtrack (Marvel calls it "adaptive audio" and compares it to a score, actually). It adds musical elements and occasionally sound effects as you turn panel to panel or page to page, and it does it dynamically, instead of looping the audio. That means that if you flip to the next panel mid-bar, the software will wait to transition until the next bar. It sounds really smooth as you use it, even as you go backwards through panels and the audio is rolled back. There will be two mix types—for panel viewing and full-page—but we didn't get to hear the full page version.

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