Thursday, March 14, 2013

Common Core Educational Standards an International Plot to Dumb Down America?

The upcoming election for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction is about be one of the most surreal campaigns yet, thanks to Rep. Don Pridemore's teabilly sensibilities.

Sup. Tony Evers had to either do everything he could not to laugh, or he had to strain to maintain his cool knowing that there's still a remote possibility that Pridemore could take charge of our educational  system in Wisconsin.

What's Pridemore like? Check out his response to the roll out of the national common core curriculum, something the top rated countries use to outperform the U.S.!!! From WKOW:

Pridemore: "A lot of these common core standards really started with international standards. Now why should we be beholding to some world wide organization that's only  trying to dumb down America."
This stunningly ignorant response that reflects a general paranoia of "the other," pukes nationalism and flag waving American Exceptionalism. It had nothing to do with education.

Here's that ridiculously vacuous dumbass statement again, a slightly shorter version, in context:

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