Monday, March 18, 2013

Walker Belly Flops at CPAC.

So much had been made of Scott Walker's crowd killing performance at CPAC, I had to see it for myself. If you were only exposed to the local media, it was a given this guy was presidential material.
March 13, 2013

That was until I saw the speech. I watched a very scratchy sounding full version that bored me and the crowd to tears, initially. It wasn't until Walker sensed an opening, a smattering of shouts, that finally got things going. It's almost comical how Walker raised his voice to declare what has become the same old mundane and tired rhetoric, as something magically transformational. To a crowd unfamiliar with memorized talking points, his condescending "moral cause" and disciplinary ruthlessness of throwing people to the curb was something to cheer about. But since coming in 6th place in the CPAC straw poll, behind Paul Ryan, he might be feeling a little bit embarrassed.

Walker's speech reminded me of comedian Pat Paulson's campaign speech for president back in the 60's. Check out this short audio only moment, I know you'll agree:



  1. Just more proof -- scott walker is a media creation -- a faux "rock star" that is propped up by propaganda.

    In the end, we cannot win this fight until more are:

    1. willing to call out the media liars and propagandists

    2. ready to take economic action -- boycott the lying liars in the media and the sponsors that pay their freight.

    But don't kid yourself either -- walker is being groomed for something big and the folks that are working behind the scenes to make it happen don't give a damn about anything other than the looting that will follow once walker is fraudulently hoisted onto the national stage in a powerful position.

    They made a smirking chimp a diva for 8 years and destroyed the global economy with theft and treason unknown in world history.

    If you think they cannot make walker king, you are not paying attention.