Saturday, March 30, 2013

Magazine size matters, Connecticut Effect Matters, Schools as targets…Matter. Doing nothing Matters.

I've always wondered why the general public should somehow feel safe around complete strangers walking around with loaded guns. We don't know anything about these people, or what motivates them to ignore the frightened general public. How does their false confidence and sense of invulnerability affect how they react in certain situations. No one ever talks about the other side, the majority of those who view their public safety as a threatened constitutional right.

Sermon over.

Magazine Size Matters: Republicans and the gun marketing group, the NRA, would like to brand the magazine size issue silly and irrelevant. Changing a magazine by a rabid gun owner is so fast and flawless that nothing could ever go wrong.

Yet Adam Lanza left all of his 10 round magazines home and the took the 30 rounders instead. Why was that? Rachel Maddow highlights why magazine size matters.

We also have to stop gun enthusiasts from insulting our intelligence when they make the idiot claim that changing a magazine doesn't break the stream of gunfire long enough for someone to escape or stop the gunman. We should no longer tolerate this dumbing down of the American public. 

With threats of a Senate filibuster, and the likelihood of the House shelving the legislation, Republicans are more than willing to make it legal for criminals and the mentally ill to buy guns via the gun show loophole. President Obama is well aware of the right wing threat:

Maybe their idea of freedom would be to remove all the laws that aren't perfect, that don't completely stop bank robberies, speeding, adding toxic chemicals to the food we eat, manufacturing dangerous products, loosening workplace safety, freeing up school curricula etc.   

I ran into a conservative friend yesterday who believed the lie about the Second Amendment being necessary to overthrow an out-of-control U.S. government. Funny, the whole constitution pretty much prevents that from happening, that's why it's such a well crafted document. Gun confiscation is impossible because of the amendment they talk so much about protecting. So what the hell's the beef? 


  1. I've noticed one glaring contradiction in standard conservative thought: They tell us the government can't do anything right, that the government is evil, in fact it is so evil that the people must be armed with military style weapons so as to overthrow it. On the other hand, if you criticize the endless wars started through deceit and incompetence, or the routine use of torture you are accused of being unpatriotic.

    So which is it? Is the government evil and never to be trusted or is the government, which does conduct our foreign policy and wars, so perfect and divinely guided that it must not be criticized?

    I have never received a coherent answer from conservatives on this matter, usually just a lot of sputtering, after which they ask me why I hate America or some other nonsense question. I am still waiting to be enlightened by these ideological drones.

  2. I totally agree and have had the same response. In fact, I now confront them about their lack of patriotism and desire to overthrow their own government. They are seditionists.

    They can't come up with anything that approaches any dramatic change in the government, especially under the moderate Obama. They have never grown up, are lazy looking for easy answers, and appear to have no faith in the constitution.

  3. Gareth:

    Obviously it is stupid to make a blanket statement like "government cant do anything right" or that "government is evil." However, it is also stupid to ask them about "endless" wars. Hyperbole of this type is never productive.

    Further, it is not a contradiction to believe in limited government and that the constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms to defend themselves...even from government.

    Conservatives at their worst may accuse someone of being unpatriotic. Not all conservatives are bright or open minded. But there is an equal knee-jerk reaction on the left to label conservatives as fascists, racists, or homophobes. In the end people are people, weak as they are.

    P.S. the Affordable Care Act does constitute a dramatic change in government in that it vastly expands the role of government in the area of health care.