Friday, March 22, 2013

Wisconsin company headquarters lured to Minnesota with Corporate Welfare.

I doubt I would have been given so many incentives to live in my fair city when I was house hunting. Maybe I should have tried.

It pays off well for business, and not a peep out of tightwad conservatives so worried about people getting something for nothing. But that’s what corporate handouts are, freebees. Oh sure, they may create jobs, but why the freebees? They would have created the jobs anyway.

Where was Scott Walker? Take a look at this outrageous giveaway: 
Hudson Patch: Minnesota persuaded Valley Cartage to move their headquarters across the river with a $940,000 economic development package that includes a tax abatement, a sizable forgivable loan, job-training funds and energy credits. The package also includes $500,000 from the Minnesota Investment Fund and $400,000 from the state’s Job Skills Partnership as incentive to move. The deal means about 50 new jobs in Minnesota—paying an average salary of $52,000—and creating a $30 million impact on the economy. 

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