Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marquette Poll hardly reflects "Republican Mandate" to shove their Agenda down our throats.

Jud Lounsbury at Uppity Wisconsin put this nice summary together of a recent Marquette University poll. You'd think by now Marquette would have figured out a better way to present their own results, maybe include a few graphs. Just a thought:
The latest Marquette Poll: Unlike the recent PPP poll that showed Walker upside-down on his approval ratings, this poll shows that both Governor Scott Walker's job approval rating and favorable rating at 49% and disapproval and unfavorable at 44%.

On education, 72% think public school spending should be increased beyond current levels, 76% have a favorable view of public school teachers, 81% are satisfied with their local school (84% among those with school-age children).  Meanwhile only 27% have a favorable view of voucher schools, however 49% of the state is still unsure on the topic and only 24% disapprove.

On Governor Walker's plan to borrow billions of dollars to fund highway projects, 73% said they were "unwilling to borrow money for highway projects," but 53% were willing to use tolls to pay for highway projects.
Walker and the Republican majority have rejected every amendment put forth by the Democrats on major legislation. The most important bills racing through the legislature haven't represented a majority of Wisconsinites. See what gerrymandering can do:

Do Wisconsinites really want more assault weapons in our society, or block background checks?
Do Wisconsinites want to protect marriage from "the gay," or fear immigration?
Thank god people have caught onto the teabilly agenda...and what does this mean for tea party dummy Ron Johnson?

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