Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sen. McConnell's speech of Projection. Conservatives really don't get it.

A theme here Democurmudgeon has always been about conservative projection. Their own villainous schemes and cons are always projected onto Democrats, even though we're nothing, absolutely nothing like them. I've tried and failed to make my case with my conservative friend in Milwaukee.

Conservatives seem to hate America for everything that it has become. They long for time that not one of them has ever lived one has ever lived through in this country.

It maybe crazy to think anyone would bother watching this shortened video example of McConnell projecting, blaming liberals for everything and vilifying essentially half the country, but it's here just in case.

He starts with "I don't care what the polls say..." and projects none-stop with his often repeated silly line "Don't tell me," like we could ever tell them anything. McConnell's misogynistic "Golden Girls" remark is just the kind of condescending clap trap women have had enough of in this country.

The thing is, McConnell is a wrinkled old man who has fed off taxpayer benefits all his life. He's also responsible for borrowing and spending that racked up huge deficits under Bush. McConnell now thinks it's time to pay those bills with cuts to senior safety nets and the working poor. Good one.

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