Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Government Spending under Walker Cloaked in Secrecy!! What is he hiding?

Walker and the Republicans promised transparency...another broken promise...another campaign issue for Walker's challenger. Holy crap, we even lost out to Texas and Florida. Hey Walker, make fun of Illinois again.

WKOW: The grades are out and Wisconsin received an "F" when it comes to government spending transparency.

A new report from WISPIRG ranks the 50 states on how much online access people have to government spending information. It ranks Wisconsin as the fourth worst when it comes to accessibility, saying the state lacks one go-to website for information on state spending.

"We give the public very little information about individual state budget expenditures, about economic development subsidies and tax expenditures like tax breaks or deferments," Bruce Speight of WISPIRG told 27 News today at the Capitol.

The states with most transparency are Texas, Massachusetts, Florida and Illinois.

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