Monday, August 6, 2012

Health Services Sec. Kitty Rhoades asks poor to pay more for Badgercare out of their "entertainment envelopes first."

The states Medicaid program, Badgercare, is another one of those safety nets targeted by the well off elitists in the Walker administration. How dare people freeload off the state just to ease the pain or stay alive.

Heartless to the nth degree, "Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Kitty Rhoades says the state hopes to preserve access to BadgerCare for as many people as possible by increasing cost sharing." Great question from Upfront's Mike Gousha:
Rhoades: "When I was a kid, my parents budgeted by the envelope system. You cashed your paycheck, you put how much was due for the know when you then had to make discretionary decisions, you went to the entertainment envelope first." 
How many of you have anything that even remotely comes close to what Rhoades describes as an "entertainment envelope?" Yeah, we've got lots of money to blow on entertainment while we freeload off Badgercare.

Just more of those "tough decisions" from our Republican authorities. Next thing you know, they'll require a permission slip to protest at the Capitol....

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